Inventory Item Master List
Inventory Item Master List filters
Inventory unit detail
Unit detail filters
Multiple warehouse locations with a default location
Multiple Warehouses
Warehouse/location movement logs
Inventory direct positive/negative adjustment
Multiple receive/issue screen formats and views
Auto-loading support for inventory issues
Issue by location, serial number, remarks support
Multiple Pick list and packing List formats
Stow list at receiving support
Serial/lot number data entry assistance at receiving
Internal Inventory Labels with barcodes support
Barcode scanning at receiving
Barcode scanning at loading and shipping
Inventory Repairs
Inventory Leasing
Inventory shipped/used units archives
Inventory Cost Quotation
Inventory reservations for specific work orders
Buy, Sell, and Make items types
First and second Serial/Lot numbers with full barcode support
Auto-assign Serial/Lot numbers
Inventory Categories
Unit of Measure conversions
Package Types
Cost Centers
Default suppliers (clients)
In Stock, On Hold, Committed, and On Order totals and details
Item pictures with catalog printing
Manufacturing and Engineering numbers
General Leger accounts
Fast browse and advanced Search
Monthly demand auto-calculation based on historical data
Numerous reports and barcoded labels
Ten custom dropdown lists for extra properties
Copy to New function
LIFO, FIFO, and average costs evaluation
Screen customization support
Inventory Import/Export
Batch barcode readers support
RF barcode readers support
Multiple barcode format definitions
Composite barcode parsing

"We chose Almyta Inventory Software because it offered the features of the more expensive inventory control packages for a fraction of the price. Almyta Inventory Software is working very well for us. In fact, we recommended it to our corporate office and they purchased it too."

- David Piers, Crawford Industries, Ltd.


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