The link at the bottom of this page takes you to a demonstration of our third party logistics Order Entry Online web interface for Almyta Control System.

Order Entry Online allows you to browse your inventory and see its availability. It gives you the power to create Shipping/Sales Orders online in live mode.

Here is how to use the demonstration:

1. Login using admin/admin.

2. Browse our demo inventory and click the shopping cart icon on the left to add items to a new order.

3. When finished adding items, click "Check Out" on the Review Order screen.

4. Search for a "Ship to" by contact name, company name, or address. Specify a shipping method. Click "Check Out" to create the order in Almyta Control System.

In the real Order Entry Online, the order would be seen in your Almyta Control Sytem immediately. You would also receive an email, and if the consignee had an email in the customer's record an email would be sent there as well.

Proceed to demo


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