Modifying Software Reports

Go to the Reports menu tab and open a report, which you would like to modify.

Selecting a report

Press and hold down the Shift key on the keyboard, right-click the Export Report Definition button. A new screen will open on the background. If you cannot see it, move the current screen aside.

Opening Customize Reports screen

On the Customize reports screen, you can: Export/Import reports in CSV format, copy current report into a new one, change column names, widths, alignment, and formats, activate/hide reports, add/remove total fields.

Before you start, we recommend exporting current report. This will create a back copy.

To change a column names, find it in the SQL statement. The names follow AS keyword. They are usually included in square brackets like [Amount].

To create a sum for a column, add the column name to the Total Fields.

Column widths are now in relative points. The total width can be anything. It will be adjusted up or down to 100% from any number. You can set column width to zero to hide it.

Column alignments are L- left, C-center, R-right.

Column formats are:

  • T - text (default)
  • C - currency with number of decimals defined in Options screen, tab 5, field 3
  • CA - currency used in total amounts
  • C2 - currency with two decimals. 2 can be any other number
  • N - number with number of decimals defined in Options screen, tab 5, field 17
  • N0 - number with zero decimals. 0 can be a positive number as well
  • D - date
  • DT - date and time
  • Y, YES - Yes or No
  • P - Percent

Modifying report definition

After modifying a report, click the pencil image (top left) to save it. On the All Reports screen, filters will be deleted. Click on any other report and return to the modified report. The filters will be recreated with all new changes taken in. Click the Preview button on the All Reports screen to see the report printout.

Viewing modified report

If you have added totals to a report, the report will be subtotaled by a first sorting column (Item ID) as well. If you do not need subtotals, use Hide Subtotals switch on All Reports screen. This can save us some paper.

Removing subtotals