Almyta Control System (ACS) Registration Page

Each Almyta Control System (ACS) license is sold for a single physical location. This is one-time fee, not a subscription. For multiple sites, purchase each license separately or contact us for an invoice.

Each license includes one year of unlimited email, telephone and online support plus lifetime software updates. The licenses differ only by a connection type to the data source. A more expensive license includes all less expensive ones.

To proceed with the registration, choose the License Type link below. We will email you the activation keys after processing your payment.

Stand Alone - single user (no network usage, local drive) $435.00 (USD)
Cloud - unlimited nonconcurrent users (Microsoft OneDrive) $635.00 (USD)
Networked - unlimited concurrent users (Local Area Network LAN) $935.00 (USD)
Networked Microsoft SQL Server - unlimited concurrent users $1835.00 (USD)
Pay Almyta Systems invoice

If you do not have MS SQL Server, you can download MS SQL Express from Microsoft. It is a free version of their great server!