Line Items Columns

Did you know that you could show, hide, move, and resize the columns on the line items tab of all order type screens?

Start with clicking the Show/Hide Columns button. The Select Columns popup screen will appear.

In our example, we used the Purchase Orders screen. However, this technique applies to all order type screens.

Let us say, we do not need to convert our units of measure to the supplier’s units. Unless we buy by kilos and consume or sell by grams, we would not need the PO UOM, PO Unit, and PO Price columns. Let us hide them.

We start with clicking the Show/Hide Columns button. The Select Columns popup screen appears.

Check off unwanted columns and click the Save button. In version 35 and later, you can also rename the columns on the same screen.

The columns will be removed from screen.

In addition, we can move columns around. Let us move the Received column to the left.

Place the mouse pointer over the column title (Received), press and hold down the left mouse button, drag the mouse to the left. Release the button after the column reached a desired position.

The column will be moved.

We can also change a font size. To increase or decrease the size, click the Up or Down buttons until you reach a desired value.

We used the Up buttons to increase the size.

Here is a resulting screen.

At the end, we increased the row height. To do so, place the mouse cursor on the very left, between the rows. Move the cursor a bit until its shape changes to up/down arrow. Press the left button and drag the mouse down until the desired row height is reached. The same technique can be used to narrow or widen the columns.

This screen shows the points where you can place the mouse cursor for column and row resizing.

All your changes to the line items tabs are saved automatically. Next time you open the screen, it will look exactly the same as you left it.