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new guy, inventory project questions

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Topic: new guy, inventory project questions
Posted By: cchambers
Subject: new guy, inventory project questions
Date Posted: 23 May 2013 at 1:55pm
First, i want to apologize in advance if this sounds dumb. i am brand new to inventory management, i have been assigned this project and am hoping i don't mutilate terminology too badly. My fire department is needing an inventory management solution for truck checks and many other reasons. i am trying to figure out how to set the system up, and hope i can get some tips. we are a volunteer department and have two stations, and i think each station as an individual warehouse is best setup. the reason is we also provide coverage for the local fair 2 weeks a year, and can make that a temp warehouse, and also a 4th warehouse if we send trucks or equipment to disasters for long times. there are 4 trucks at each station and not all have the same equipment. other equipment is the same on all trucks. an example would be there are air packs with masks on all trucks, and some trucks have extra air tanks and or air packs. one key thing we are wanting to do is use a barcode scanner and make sure each piece of equipment is scanned / checked each week on the truck. that way if something is missing it will be known quickly. also if a truck is moved to a different station (such as from the station 1 to the fairgrounds for 2 weeks) or marked out of service for repair. 

we had a local company donate 2 barcode scanners - a symbol ppt8800 and a symbol ls4071. we are hoping that we can use these to scan items on the truck to do the inventory checks. then be able to print out a pdf to show that it was done and everything is there. 

is this possible? i know without a doubt it will be a bumpy road and i will have a lot to learn, from playing with the program since last night it looks like it should work, i am just wanting to make sure i am on the right track.

any suggestions / tips are greatly appreciated

Posted By: Debra
Date Posted: 27 May 2013 at 2:15pm

In a free version, you cannot use scanners in a live mode. You have to buy a multi-user license. However, you can use Inventory/Reconcile function to print out what is supposed to be on a truck according to your last inventory count, compare to what it really is, and make adjustment. Create a warehouse location for each truck and call them T1, T2, etc. You can get away with a single warehouse if you want to. It will be a bit easier to operate. In this case, call you locations 1A1, where 1 is a warehouse number and A1 is a warehouse location, bin, or shelf. Call your tucks 1T1, 1T2 in this case. Move your inventory from trucks to a warehouse and back  with Inventory/Locate and Move function. All movements are logged and can be reported with Audit Trail report.

For each truck, you can create a record in the Item Master and add BOM to it. This would be a list of equipment expected on the truck. You can also create an asset for each truck and place work orders against the assets. 

All reports can be printed in PDF format.

Posted By: cchambers
Date Posted: 27 May 2013 at 7:26pm
thank you for responding. looks like this program is a great system, but sadly the $935 price tag for a department of our size and funding levels is a bit too steep. i will keep it in mind if i come across other departments that are looking for a system. 

Posted By: Debra
Date Posted: 28 May 2013 at 7:22am

Out of what has been described above, you can do everything with a free license except for the handheld scanners. Using the scanners donated to you is a different story.

If you find a free or inexpensive application for your scanners working in a live mode with a desktop workstation(s), please post a note here. I am sure, many visitors would be overly grateful you.

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