Looking for purchase order software? We have it. Welcome to Almyta Systems. We've taken care of the purchasing needs of hundreds of businesses and organizations. Our software can help you as well.

Purchase order software can track purchase ordering much better than any paper or spreadsheet system. Purchase order software makes purchasing much more efficient.

Almyta Control System is a Windows-based MRP application with serious purchasing functionality.

It automates much of the purchasing process so that your time is freed for more creative enterprises. Its purchasing functions are integrated with inventory control, work orders, bill of materials, kitting, shipping, asset management, reporting, and more.

We invite you to explore Almyta Control System.
Purchase Order Software
  • Create a supplier catalog linked to your inventory items.
  • Easily create purchase orders that will be filled in automatically by values you can select from lists.
  • Receive inventory and assets into stock against purchase orders.
  • Set the System to create purchase orders automatically based on how much you have in stock and the history of your stock.
  • Handle supplier contracts for selected suppliers and items.
  • Purchase materials for selected work orders.
  • Use a temporary ID for items which are not in your catalog yet.
  • Use predefined memos to communicate with your suppliers.
  • View and print a variety of useful reports.
  • And use more purchasing functions.
You can evaluate Almyta Control System for free and contact us if any questions arise.
Our extensive documentation should help you get started.

Almyta Control System is affordable. Having purchased a license, you receive one year of free unlimited support and lifetime free updates.

Almyta Control System is already helping hundreds of businesses with purchasing. Easy to try, easy to start using, and easy to buy, Almyta Control System has won a reputation as the best deal among purchase order software packages.

"Dear Almyta,

I wanted to say thank you for providing such an excellent program. Our company was looking for something robust enough to manage our inventory, but cheap enough that we could afford it on a sub-thousand dollar budget. We were originally planning on getting our inventory off of paper and into the computer with your system, then moving up the ranks, but it seems that your product will scale with us to the point we wonít need to worry about another system for a long time. Custom reports helped to mold the system to our specific needs. To top it off, your technical support is consistently top-notch, email turnaround time is blazing, and your phone support has never failed to impress on even the most complicated questions. My trainee just got off the phone with you for an especially difficult question only to announce, "Wow, those guys are awesome". Thank you for providing such a capable product at such a reasonable price. I donít know how you guys do it!

Thank you again,"

- Alexander, Omega Industries

Almyta Control System purchasing functions
  • Purchase orders for inventory and fixed assets
  • Automatic with suffix/prefix or manual purchase order numbering
  • Receiving inventory and fixed assets against purchase orders
  • Automatic purchase order generation based on historical data
  • Quick price quotation based on purchasing history
  • Supplier database with suspension and probation warning flags
  • Supplier catalog for inventory items
  • Purchasing unit of measure conversion
  • Supplier's term agreements (contracts) for inventory items
  • Supplier multiple pickup locations
  • Supplier browse and advanced search
  • Buying materials for specific work orders
  • Blanket purchase orders with the delivery schedule
  • Support for purchase order approval process
  • Support for "onetime buy" items
  • Support for items with temporary IDs
  • Payment terms and predefined memos
  • Support for custom printed purchase order from
  • Reports include Low Stock Notification and Inventory to Order
  • Copy to New function
  • Support for screen customization

Our strategy and mission

A small business located in the beautiful desert town of Henderson, Nevada, we designed Almyta Control System's first precursor eight years ago.

We designed it to fill a gap in available MRP packages. This gap is the lack of an application that is affordable and truly powerful. There are many entry-level systems that are cumbersome or have minimal features, or are just updates on programs written as much as a decade ago and now obsolete. There are also high-end systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars to implement and are bought by executives who will never have to actually use them. Most of our customers, however, actually use the system that they buy themselves, and work for or own small and mid-sized businesses that can afford neither an expensive system, nor an outdated or weak one. Our own business is oriented around meeting their needs. Small businesses are the reason we can sell our system at a low price. We know that the number of customers who need a system like ours is very large, and that with the continuing expansion of the small business sector of the economy, will only keep growing.

We ourselves are growing: updating our system constantly at no cost to our customers and customizing it for a low price. To a large degree, you yourselves can customize the System for no cost. The ways to do this are detailed in the manual and in the other help files we have here on our web site. We welcome you to get in touch with our Support department: not only to fix any problems you may find or get help in learning the system, but also to give us the feedback we need to make our MRP software as good as is possible: in fact, the best in the world.

Ultimately, being able to automate some day-to-day operations is only half the point of downloading our System. The other half is to use the Systemís information tracking capabilities to follow the history of your business and learn more about it ó thus becoming able to make better and better decisions. Who to buy from? Which warehouse is most efficient? How did we do in the past? How are we doing now? ACS will give you the answers to these questions and others like them.

But no amount of talk will take the place of downloading the System from this website and experimenting with it on your own. We give you a three-week trial period with full capability and free support to help get you started. After that, you should be able to choose whether you want to buy or uninstall our software.

Many kinds and brands of MRP software are available on the Internet. Try ours and see if it works for you.

The download is here.


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