To simply survive in the 3PL field, you need inventory management software. But to thrive in the field, you need the best inventory management software. Ours is the best.

Choosing Your Software

According to, there are lots of different online inventory management systems available for you to choose from. When looking for the right one for your business, keep in mind:

Size. Can the software manage the size of your inventory, whether that means large or small? Are there certain components of the software that lend it to a particular size of company?

Usability. Keep your own computer literacy level in mind. If you can't operate the system, or learn how easily, it can't help you.

Cost. Will the software be worth the investment? If it contains a bunch of extras that you donít really need but will end up paying for, you should look for a system that better suits the needs of your business. On the other hand, if itís cheap but doesnít fill all your demands - leaving you with extra work to do - putting out a little more in order to save the trouble will be well worthwhile.

Almyta Control System has all the functions you need for 3PL, and requires no maintenance. Furthermore, the System comes with logistics billing and storage fee billing reports. The savings you get from these reports will pay for the whole System in a month.

Using our System, you can easily handle multiple clients, multiple warehouses, and multiple company locations. For example, you can create a completely independent database for each major client. You can also import and export data between databases, and between the System and applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel. You can even make a copy of your database and bring it home for the weekend.

Exceptional features of Almyta Control System include integrated barcode scanning and label printing, unlimited tracking of the back history of all items, and the ability to print documents bearing your clientís logo on top. A complete list of features is here.

We stay on the edge of the latest technology and constantly upgrade our system, adding useful functionality. All updates and public add-ins come free to our customers, and we provide one year of free unlimited support. It is more than enough time to get fully acquainted with the software. Our statistics show that most users of the System learn how to use its major functions in less than two hours.

Download a 30-day Trial of Almyta Control System and find out if it is right for your business, or access the product documentation here. A good place to get started is the 3PL tutorial.


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