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Welcome to Almyta. We devote total focus to developing the finest inventory software, inventory systems, and inventory programs on the market.

Powerful, flexible, backed by proven results for thousands of users, Almyta inventory control software can get you results fast. Use our inventory control software to help yourself handle stock, assets, purchasing, shipping, jobs, and almost every other aspect of inventory control. We invite you to explore our inventory control software.

You can start using our inventory control software for free.

When you purchase Almyta inventory control software - paying, for example, $380 for a single-user license, you purchase: one of the finest inventory control systems available, one year of excellent unlimited support, and lifetime software updates.

Let's get down to details. Here is what Almyta inventory control software can do for your business or organization:

Purchasing. Create a supplier catalog linked to your inventory items. Create purchase orders that will be filled in automatically by values you can select from lists. Receive inventory and assets into stock against purchase orders. If you want, set the Program to create purchase orders automatically based on how much you have in stock and the history of your stock. Handle supplier contracts for selected suppliers and items. Purchase materials for selected work orders. Use a temporary ID for items that are not yet in your catalog. Use predefined memos to communicate with your suppliers. And view and print a variety of useful reports.

Warehouse Appointments. Set up and schedule warehouse appointments for inventory items. Receive inventory against the appointments. Report the appointments' status to clients. Use automated invoices for handling and shipping. Enter receiving instructions onto your warehouse appointments.

Inventory Control. Get easy access to all your Item Master information. Define multiple warehouse locations and, if you want, multiple warehouses. Associate your inventory items to specific inventory categories, suppliers, locations, purchasers, and more. Issue and receive units of inventory directly, or enter adjustment codes to describe why the units are coming in and leaving. Search your units by date, supplier, description, in stock, location, and more. Track and document inventory repairs. Make inventory reservations for work orders. Handle serialized inventory and, if you want, have the Program automatically create new serial numbers (which ties in to the Program's barcoding capability). Use center codes. Use automatic Unit of Measure conversions. Specify specific package types. Note down warranties. Track your inventory by In Stock, On Hold, Committed, and On Order categories. Enter pictures of items into your Item Master List. Assign Manufacturing and Engineering numbers. Calculate monthly demand based on historical data. Import and export inventory information. And if you want, create your own dropdown lists to enter inventory properties that are special to your organization.

Sales/Shipping. Create both Sales and Shipping orders for items in the inventory control software. Enter multiple ship to locations, customer warning flags, multiple sales reps, and customer links to suppliers. Track types of order status: Outstanding, Waiting for Approval, Approved, Shipped, and Cancelled. Track Order Fulfillment stats. Ship kits. Generate pick lists, packing slips, invoices for shipped orders, and Shipping Manifests/Bills of Lading. Specify payment terms and use predefined memos. Track carrier companies and shipping types ("ship via"). Fill or Kill orders. Use automated backorder creation. Automate invoices for handling and shipping. And send auto-email to customer and sales reps.

Work Orders/Jobs. Make machine assembly orders, customer site orders, blanket work orders, fixed asset repair orders, maintenance orders, and more. Automate the consumption of parts. Track work order status from Open to Approved to Scheduled to Started to Completed. Get labor and parts quotations, and track the component and labor cost of work orders with reports. Assemble kits based on bill of materials. Track your work orders by work type, "requested by", supervisor, "assigned by", and more in the control software. Enter comments about your jobs.

Bill of Materials. Create and use bill of materials with up to 20 levels. Use our assembly work order graphical interface editor. Track component serial numbers. Automate assembly cost calculation. Differentiate between critical and non-critical components. Automatically generate purchase orders based on what you need to complete your work orders. Use replaceable and reserve parts. And more.

Asset Management. Track intangible and tangible assets. Categorize assets by type. Allocate one asset to another. Count usage and energy consumption. Receive assets and, when they have served their purpose, retire them. Receive assets by purchase order. Use barcoded asset tag labels and attach pictures of your assets to your asset list. Calculate asset deprecation with formulas, and track asset deprecation with reports.

Data Collection and Analysis. Use more than 100 preprogrammed reports to summarize, track, share, and analyze your inventory flow. Contact us if you want us to write something custom for you.

Security. Limit the access specific users have to specific parts of your database. Specify exactly which users can access exactly which data, and specify exactly what they can do to modify that data.

Barcoding. Scan barcodes straight into the Program. Print barcodes directly from the control software. Use preprogrammed and custom barcode formats. If you would like, purchase hardware from us along with the inventory control software - check out this page to see a package we offer that includes Almyta Control Program, a barcode scanner, a barcode printer, and labels.

That is a lot of functionality.

In short,

Integrating your organization with the Almyta inventory control software can
  • Give you profound knowledge of your inventory operations
  • Stimulate the interconnections between different components of your organization, balancing your business and leading to high perfomance
  • Dramatically improve your ability to make decisions about your inventory
  • Significantly cut the time you need to spend on handling routine operations
  • Free you up to engage in the more creative aspects of running your organization, and
  • Give you a well-justified sense of being in command of your inventory flow

"I have been in the Inventory Control, Purchasing, and BOM business for over 40 years. I developed my own packages for inventory control in the late 70's when computers were just starting to come on the market. I have worked with $10,000 to $1,000,000 software packages and none has been close to the ease of use and friendliness of your system."

- A r t H i l e r, A S I P a c k a g i n g C o m p a n y

Since 1996, we have been developing fine inventory control software and distributing it to what is now more than a thousand businesses and organizations.

Almyta inventory control software has helped manufacturers, distributors, third party logistics businesses, retailers, purchasers, packagers, importers/exporters, schools, hospitals, doctors' offices, telecoms, order fulfilment businesses, state and local governments, churches, government departments, many other kinds of organization, and especially the food industry to track and manage their inventory.

Download a fully-functional 30-day free trial
of Almyta inventory control software

If after working with the fully-functional Almyta inventory control software for twenty days you do not believe it to be worth your money, we won't argue.

"Almyta is an attractive, integrated package thatís easy to install and makes a quick ramp-up possible. In addition, your technical support team did a great job in understanding our needs and providing the technical assistance we required to customize the program to our environment."

- Helen Tibur, Owner, 2Q Logistics

Who are we?

A small business located in Henderson, Nevada, we designed Almyta inventory control software's first precursor eight years ago.

We made it to fill a gap in the inventory software market. This gap was and, with the exception of Almyta inventory control software and a handful of genuine competitors, still is, the lack of an application that is affordable and actually powerful. There are many entry-level programs that are cumbersome or have minimal features, or are just updates on control software written as much as a decade ago and now obsolete. There is also expensive control software that costs tens of thousands of dollars to implement and is ordered by executives who will never actually have to use it.

Most of our clients both purchase and use our software. They work for or own small or mid-sized businesses that can afford neither an expensive program, nor an outdated or weak one. Our own business is oriented around meeting their needs. It is because of small businesses that we can sell our control software at a low price. The number of customers who need control software like ours is very large, and that with the continuing expansion of the small business sector of the economy, will only keep growing. We have a number of very large clients such as MCI and the DOD, and even they appreciate the power and low price of our inventory control software. Small businesses are our core clients.

Like our clients, we also are expanding - updating our inventory control software constantly at no cost to our customers and customizing it for small fees. All the work we do teaches us more about how to make Almyta Inventory Control Software the best on the market.

"Inventory software matters!

I am a small business owner. We used to keep our inventory levels in a spreadsheet. I had never had time to implement real inventory software. Needless to say that my inventory spreadsheet was never reporting accurate inventory levels. It was not unusual to quote a delivery date to a customer only to find insufficient inventory in stock. On another hand, we often had inventory items in the warehouse which we had no idea about. As a result, we could not use this inventory. Finally, I asked my secretary to find affordable and sound inventory software. After searching the Internet for two weeks or so, she came up with five inventory programs. I asked other staff members to evaluate these software packages further. Two were not network able. One was priced over $2,000 yet did not have all features we needed. Another inventory package had almost no documentation or support. Only Almyta software seemed to comply with all our requirements. However it was not obvious from the very beginning. We had to phone Almyta a few times and ask questions. In fact, I think we asked too many. A decision to implement inventory software did not come easy to me. I should have found Almyta inventory software five years ago or so. Unfortunately, I have lost a few customers before I've realized the need for good inventory software. "

- Brad Strong, Owner CIS, Inc.


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